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it seems like the world is living in retrograde:

It’s taken me quite some time to write something like this. Mostly because I’ve been too lazy and stoned. But also because I’m mentally exhausted from America and its bullshit. Being a Haitian American 23 year old woman in the midst of a race revolution is quite taxing as you can imagine.

March 13th, May 25th, June 1st, June 12th, the dates go on and on. The significance in all of them? The world lost another Black soul due to police brutality. It’s almost become a regular thing it seems. As I get older, I realize I am not immune from these killings if I’m pulled over for speeding, broken tail light, counterfeit bill, etc. Law Enforcement has murdered countless black people of color because of its systemic racist roots. I live in fear as a black woman just taking a walk in the street. During quarantine, a lot of people tell me to take walks, however they’re not aware of my fear of not making it back home after a walk. In 2020, it is scary to be black in AmeriKKKa.

Despite fear and murder, I have felt a shift in society and humanity. Racism has confronted white Americans in the most busted, ugly ass way. But now I see that white Americans are listening and watching the police exterminate Black Americans. They are angry, disturbed, confused, hysterical, and uncomfortable. These are feelings that the Black community is no stranger to. But I see allies of all races stand up for my life, my mother’s life, my sister’s life, and essentially just my whole families’ and ancestors’ lives, and it gives me hope. A permanent hope I have never felt before.

People are clocking other racist people and standing up for injustice as opposed to remaining quiet. Human beings are more caring and compassionate towards in each other. Some of us have discovered the high of donating to causes we believe in, and that feeling is almost as good as sex. We are all stepping out of our comfort zones in the name of racism, injustice, and police brutality. We are investing in love, systemic change, and peace, not the fucking police!

Blog By Yours Truly,


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