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@loudgirlgoodies 2020 Holiday guide

hello ho ho ho's... merry holidays to you and yours! i wanted to compile a list for you all that showcases small, Boston local businesses that you can support this holiday season. most of these businesses are black and/or womxn owned businesses because that's the vibe folks. i drew inspiration from some other holiday guides, most from Black Owned Boston though, so definitely check out their expansive list.


food - a very good place to start

  • Clarke’s Cakes and Cookies *^ - delicious vegan desserts

  • @loudgirlgoodies ^=- i had to plug myself because really, who makes better vegan edibles in Boston?? i can ship to whoever needs a little pick me up the most in your life. the shop is password protected, its flyme2themoon <3

  • Sassy Jack Chick’n *^ - vegan chicken drums, with a yucca fry as the “bone”. seriously delicious. (can be frozen and reheated)

  • A-Butter *• - flavored almond butter

  • Happy Bean Roaster *• - buy local coffee beans, they taste better

  • Nussli 118º (Black Owned Boston) - think charcuterie board, but make it vegan... crackers, cashew cheese, nuts, superfood blends, etc.

  • TheTeSpa *^• - tea, Herbal Blends

  • Granola Simply * - Granola!

  • RUNE Kitchen = - adaptogen blends, tea, potions, spices

  • Meal Mantra * - jarred indian curry

  • Mass Food Delivery - “a farmers market, delivered to you”

  • Boston Public Market - indoor marketplace featuring artisans and food offering fresh foods, prepared meals, crafts, and specialty items.


  • I&I Rose Garden - *^ - so many things, hit her up on instagram for her shop password: yoga classes, infused goodies, juices, private coaching sessions, infused dinner parties, and so much more

  • Full Moon Botanica *^• - crystals, smudge sticks, candles, jewelery, witch shit

  • Uvida Shop ^ - plastic free store located in East Boston, local Latina women owned

  • High Tarot Vibrations *^• - tarot readings, crystals, room sprays, incense, bundle kits, events

  • Sharm Naturals *^• - black hair care products

  • Frugal Bookstore *^ - Black owned bookstore that is set up for e-commerce and ships!

  • Soap Her Girl *^• - eczema friendly bath and body products

  • Brown and Coconut *^• - natural skincare

  • Krio Skincare * - anti-ashy serums

  • Hippie Adjacent *^•- handmade clay earrings and accessories

  • Beyond Candles *^• - soy candles

  • Ritual Arts ^ - Allston's local witch store: crystals, incense, tibetan sound bowls, literature, trinkets

  • Cambridge Naturals - carries local brands, large CBD collection, bulk spices, bath/home/body/skin products, food staples unique items

  • ZIRAN ^ - sustainable silk clothing & face masks

  • Kush Groove Smoke Shop * - if you were thinking about buying some smoking paraphernalia, support a black owned smoke shop. locations in Cambridge and Mission Hill

  • Passion Planner ^ - for the Aquarius in your life... but seriously this is the best planner out there.


  • gift card to a great local restaurant

  • hit up your artist friends for a custom piece of art - pro tip: pay them more than they ask for… artists always tend to undercharge for their skillset and every piece is handmade and unique. you are paying for the years and years of training that brought them to the point of selling their art

  • workout with a personal trainer, personal yoga instructor - most personal trainers are unemployed right now because gyms and yoga studios are closed still. a lot of people would be willing to do a facetime yoga session. you can make these workouts are personalized as you want and you’ll be supporting a human in the process!!

  • write a heartfelt note with your gift. some talking points: describe your day going to pick out this gift for the person, why you picked it for them, backstory on the business, how you’ve been coping in 2020, wishes for health and prosperity, positive vibes, personal reflection *bonus points if you buy (or make) the card from a small, BIPOC owned business*

  • a donation to a cause you/they believe in!!! - some suggestions: NAICOB, Strike Boston, Freedom Fighters Coalition, Black Lives Matter BOS, Black Owned BOS, ACLU, ActBlue

  • pay for their next tattoo or piercing

  • homemade food or crafts

  • homemade sex tape, sexy pictures, handwritten erotica... whatever tickles their fancy


here are some boston local events happening where you can go browse a collection of stores all at once!


  • don't you DARE support Amazon; you can find anything and everything you need local and small

  • avoid big corporations

  • give the gift of ART

  • you don't have to spend a shit ton of money to make someone happy


*black owned business

^woman owned business

=LGBTQIA+ owned business

Black Owned Boston Holiday Guide

wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. may your days be merry and bright <3

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