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mellow out with @loudgirlgoodies plant-based edible baked goods! whether you want to kiki & watch a movie or get some beauty sleep; elevate your vibe and get stoned & satisfied with @loudgirlgoodies! our signature chocolate chip cookies are coming to adult-use dispensaries in MA very soon. we believe in making great tasting, fresh, and consistently effective plant-based baked goods accessible to all people. our kitchen avoids 7 of the top 8 allergens and we'll soon have a gluten free option in addition to our other plant-based goodies. hit us up @loudgirlgoodies on IG to see what we've been up to.


once upon a time, i baked goodies in my apartment in boston and i had a lot of friends who supported my dream, vision, and business. on any given weekend, you could find me at a house show in Allston with a little baked sale setup. covid changed everything... i still have the community, but instead of running a home kitchen, i'm baking in a licensed cannabis product manufacturing facility in Taunton, Freshly Baked! over the past 5 years i have tested countless recipes, met some incredible people, and grown as a business owner and creative. i am so grateful that you are here and are interested in learning about @loudgirlgoodies, welcome.

xoxo, carolyn 

@loudgirlgoodies mission

@loudgirlgoodies is a brand rooted in purpose - it's about so much more than just cannabis infused cookies. our core values are sustainability, empowerment, and education. on our social media pages we share mindfulness content, boost educational graphics, and uplift marginalized thought leaders and businesses.

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about me

hi, i'm carolyn! i was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, moved to Boston for college, and lived in Allston, MA for 5 of the last 7 years. i started @loudgirlgoodies in 2017 in my college apartment kitchen. it has been a fulfilling creative project where i can combine my loves of baking, photography, design, collaboration, education, activism (and sometimes event yoga and music)! my focus at Berklee College of Music was Music Business/Entrepreneurship and i graduated with a BM in 2019. i'm a registered yoga teacher and love teaching and practicing weed enhanced yoga. i consider myself a leader and i love to find creative solutions to problems. i am passionate, charismatic, dedicated, innovative, fair-minded, adaptable, and objective. i have big goals for @loudgirlgoodies and i just can't wait to get started!


Fun facts:

☼ Aquarius

☽ Gemini

↑ Leo


Type III

thank you!

nothing but never-ending gratitude for Alissa Wile, the genius behind the photos. the pictures used on this site are all taken by this wonderful aries, @holysmokephotography.

i couldn't recommend another human more.

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