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dollar dollar bill$ y'all

Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

In wake of the revolution ignited by the killings of beautiful Black Americans, us as citizens, have realized that money talks. And that motherf***** is loud as HELL.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard out here in this economy. Especially for us Gen Z/Millennials who have to constantly ball on a budget if it means having an ounce of money for a social life & financial freedom. But it’s time we put our money where our mouth is and limit the amount of money we invest in greedy, racist, narrow minded corporations. I would name drop them but there’s a hefty list out there that I’ll make sure to attach in this post.

Voting with our dollars is more crucial than ever in the year 2020. We need to vote out Tr*mp and not constantly give our dollars to the corporations that invest in his campaign. If you’re a little unfamiliar with voting with your dollars, here’s a mini lesson: Courtney loves Wendy’s. It’s cheap and affordable and DELICIOUS. Courtney found out the Wendy’s CEO donated $7 million dollars to Tr*mp’s re-election campaign....GASP. Now Courtney doesn’t want to eat out at Wendy’s as much, but fast food is very affordable for her “recent grad out of college” budget. Y’all see the dilemma?

My views do not align with Bronzer man, but me spending money at Wendy’s contradicts my position as a someone who leans towards “crazy liberal” or whatever they want to call us these days. This revolution has pulled back the veil on those who have fueled the power of Donald Trump. We have the power to decide where our dollars go.

Maybe you can’t afford to eat healthier or you can’t afford to axe every retail store from your lifestyle, however there’s levels to this! Give yourself a spending limit when you shop at these establishments. If you have someone in politics that you support and follow, donate to their campaign! Spend your dollars wisely and put money into things you believe in. Budget your dollars with greedy corporations. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but we sure as hell can start building.

here’s an awesome resource called #GrabYourWallet cofounded by Shannon Coulter. It has an updated list of companies that work with or for Trump’s campaign/administration. Basically helps navigate users to spend their dollars as the election comes up!



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