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Your Guide to Enjoying the Rest of Your Thot Girl Summer.

How Did We Get Here?

I don’t understand how we have approached the end of July. What the f**k? On a personal note, I feel like I haven’t been fully embracing my hot girl summer mindset....thot girl summer if you will. However you want to name your damn summer. I think we can all agree that our minds have gone awry since the world has opened back up. I want to do everything and nothing at all. I want to spend money frivolously, but do not have the means to do so. I want to document my time outside in the cute ass outfits I bought all fucking pandemic, but a bitch forgot how to pose in front of a camera & all of a sudden, I look like someone’s aunty. All these thoughts running through my mind have really done a number on me, especially when it comes to working a full time job. With all of this bullshit, how am I supposed to be on my thot shit? How am I supposed to celebrate & indulge in this new era of thot girl summer? After a long, fat bong rip, I realized that we are the ones who are in control of how we reclaim our time in a “post” Covid world. Yes bitch there are air quotes around the word “post” because it’s not over. The Delta Variant is very real. Practice safety and get tested every now and then. Vaccinated or not! Okay? Okay. Now let’s get into the crux of thot girl summer.

Is It Just Me?

It feels as if we have so many things to catch up on. We lost over a year’s worth of time. For someone like me, who is 24, I feel like I lost 10 years of my life. I only get to experience my 20’s once and Covid threw a fucking wrench in that. Now, I feel like everyone is jam packing their social calendars, depleting their bank accounts on bougie dinners & travel, and trotting around the city until they tap out for the night. When I see people do that, I’m pretty jealous to be honest. My energy levels vary from day to day (probably because of my antidepressants). I am broke as fuck and my Discover card can’t take much more, but I force her to because I need a means of getting out every now and then.

Breaking Down the Tea and Guidelines

Crippling shit, right? But fuck all that noise, because Instagram is not reality. How I reclaim my time will look vastly different with how others are reclaiming their time, and that’s okay. We always play this game where we compare ourselves to anyone and anything. So much so, that it takes us away from the present moment we crave. The stillness of being content in who we are and who we are surrounded with. So the first few rules in celebrating the remainder of thot girl summer: reclaim your time how you want to and do not compare it to anyone else’s. Shit’s toxic. Peep the real list below:

  • Practice self care.

  • Get outside!

  • Connect with people who make you feel good.

  • Treat yourself within reason. You don’t have to go broke on girls’ night, consider spending money on activities you want to try.

  • Be patient with yourself when it comes to socializing. There are going to be days where you want to float like a butterfly, but there will be days where you want to post up & disconnect. Honor both of those parts & do what makes you feel at peace.

  • Eat @loudgirlgoodies on the beach. (yes i’m plugging my boss because who doesn’t want to eat treats while getting high on the beach?)

  • Love your damn body! Every body is a bikini body. Meg Thee Stallion did not birth these chart topping hot girl anthems for us to wallow in our self hatred. When in doubt ask yourself, WWMD? (What would Meg do?) Hint: “hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit.”)

A Send Off with Good Vibrations

I hope reading this gives you guys some comfort in the fact that everyone is moving at their own pace. I hope it makes you love yourself a little harder and prompts you to reclaim the time that you lost in quarantine.

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