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fully vaxxed and relaxed: shot girl summer

We fucking made it. And no that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over so please miss me with all that shit. Until Dr. Fauci says it’s over, it’s not over and that’s on science. The vaccine is available, and with that has brought a lot of peace for some and anxiety for others. It’s also brought out a lot of ignorance. It’s disheartening and concerning how so many people don’t believe in science. I’ve had so many family and friends talk to me out of frustration because what the ignorant people don’t realize is that these are the front line workers who have studied this shit inside and out. They are witnessing this pandemic firsthand, and for whatever reason, people still run around spreading misinformation and lies.

What I’m about to say is hella important, so listen up. If you’re not getting vaccinated because you have a chronic illness, religious reasons, etc. I think that’s okay. We are all moving at our own pace when it comes to the world reopening. But with that, please protect yourself and others. Wear a mask and get tested. CVS offers free Covid tests even if you don’t have insurance. Create your social bubble and be honest and communicate with them. There are ways to stay safe, but it’s on you to make those efforts.

Now all my vaccinated heauxs: just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t get Covid. You still need to take precautions bitch! You are winning by keeping others protected including yourself. Wear a mask if that’s what you want to do! If you’re over the mask but you still have friends who want to wear it despite being vaxxed, be respectful. Like I said, everyone is moving at their own pace and that’s more than OKAY. Hang with fully vaxxed people if you can, lord knows that’s super important as the world reopening.

This is a happy, scary, weird time right now. The world has been exposed in a lot of vile ways due to this pandemic and global movements for peace & equality. Emerge from this quarantine as a stronger, wiser, kinder human being. Life is not guaranteed and we’re being given opportunities to live it the way we want to and the way we should. Peace & love to everyone who’s trying to navigate the “new normal".

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